Special occasions

Here at Little Mash we have a fabulous idea for your baby shower or birthdays.


We know how hard it is to buy a gift for somone that you think they will love. This is just a little somthing that we think can help you with this. you can get the gifts you want and your family and friends can get 10% discount.


How it works:

  • Email us at enquiries@littlemash.co.nz
  • Tell us how many people you are inviting to your birthday or baby shower and what date you are having the party.
  • We will give you a Little Mash discount card to give with your invites to every person you are invitng. this will allow them to get 10% discount.
  • If you double up on gift you can exchange for another gift (please read our exchange policy).


We hope this makes life just a little easier for you.